The Gibson Chapel and Pavilion

On Sunday November 8, 2009, Bishop Holly Hollerith consecrated the newly finished Gibson Chapel and Pavilion.  It is dedicated to Gibson Memorial Church in Crewe, Virginia which was named after Robert A. Gibson, Bishop of Southern Virginia 1902-1919.  The stained glass cruciform windows, fabricated and donated by John Scales, local artist, are backlit to show their full beauty.  What better legacy for our little Chapel than to carry on the name of Gibson in the Diocese of Southern Virginia, and what a wonderful reminder of the beloved Gibson Memorial Church in Crewe, Virginia.


Bishop Holly Dedicating Memorial Garden


Fr. Keith and Vyta

Bishop Holly



Memorial Garden

In 2014 our parish adopted a project for beautifying and enhancing our church grounds to honor our loved ones and celebrate Saint Paul’s 100th anniversary in 2017.  Over the intervening three years, a beautiful garden has developed that incorporates the church and the adjacent Gibson Chapel and Pavilion.  Lately, an Ash Garden has been added to the existing garden.  Future plans include the addition of a water feature to further promote the peacefulness that we hope our gardens inspire. 

As with all gardens, ours will always be a work in progress.  Our parishioners continue to play an active part in the maintenance and upkeep of these gardens.  Several of the prominent features in the memorial garden have been donated by Parishioners.