Our members speak for themselves!

Heartfelt quotes from our church members:

Vicky Hall

“Forgiveness and acceptance.'” Vicky Hall

Mike Prather


– Mike Prather

John Stugart


– John Stugart

Margie Nevins


– Margie Nevins

Jim Duffy


– Jim Duffy

Steven Israel

“Love and Family”

– Steven Israel

Burt MacKenzie

“Friendship and community.'” Burt MacKenzie

Janice Puleo


– Janice Puleo

Eileen Duffy


– Eileen Duffy

Cristyl Hawthorn Word

“Christ Centered”

– Cristyl Hawthorn Word


– Nikki Amos

Maddie Anne Hutchinson with Margaret Richard

“Family, caring & sharing”

– Margaret Richards